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  • Hello!

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    • Heya, Jaden! No worries :)

      1) I'd suggest keeping your sandbox even after you've learned coding - the reason is that there is always something new to learn and test. I'm constantly adding and updating things here, and I've had this one for years!

      2) I edit on a lot of wikias, and if I see something that I like or something that is out of the ordinary I figure out where the code is located and then carry it over here. Then I can play with it and try to figure out how it works and how I can make it work for things I'm interested in. There's also the Developer wikia that's a good resource.

      3) Patience. That's what I would suggest to always keep in mind. Some code is fairly straight forward - but some code is very dense and takes a while to sort through. Do it for fun and take your time!

      4) I'm not sure what you mean; this site is only for me to test things in - otherwise things can get confusing very quickly. You're welcome to take anything you see here to your sandbox site, though.

      5) one of the other staff sandboxes I'll visit from time to time is JoeLay's. He's been here a few years longer than I have. The site isn't organized, so it takes some looking around - I linked the page that lists all his pages, though, and he's a very friendly and approachable person. Like my site, his is solely for him ;)

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    • Thank you so much ^_^

      1) Thank you, I'll keep my Sandbox untill I fully learn coding(atleast for a year), but later I might be busy to check weekly(maybe even mightn't check for month) so I want know if one created a wiki can she/he delete it later, but even after I might just write note(in Home) or hide things(with "<--!") so later if I get time, I can back to my Sandbox(since it's public).

      2) That's GREAT, I'll check your Sandbox almost every day, and keep watching around to find amazing codes(other places). Thank you so much I added it to my list ^_^.

      3) thanks a lot, I'll keep in mind "patient is a key", I love to learning and I won't give up on no matter how complex the codes be, I'll try my best to learn it and use it on my own way(changes) (and do it for fun ;) (yes) ).

      4) lol sorry that was a miss typing I meant "Can I take* code's in your sandbox to my(if I created) to move(in mine) and understand it?", this is your field it'll be confusing if others too make changes here, I'll just look around and if I want to understand anything you do here, I only will take(the codes) to my Sandbox and try to learn there(not edit/change here). Thank you so much ^_^

      5) Thank you so much it also added (JoePlay's) he has 122 pages(great) I'll also check his Sandbox daily(i wonder what I found there :) ), he had his Sandbox since 2009 he must collect many stuffs, and als his Home page is empty(got idea) I was thought about what should I write in Home page, so it won't be a problem to leave it blank for a while(till get an idea :} ).

      Thank you Raylan many times for all help, sources, ideas, suggest... (thanks for visting us, and made my mind to make my sandbox, I might tell my friend to also make his sandbox(since he too interested in coding) with all infos I collected thanks to you).

      Thanks again


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  • This is a really cool sandbox, good job.

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  • Hello Raylan13 can you please help me? i really need help with the downloand of instalwow for mac...i cant downloand it when i downloaded it i choose linch king when the downloand finish i got a file called: wow Installation WoW i open it and i open the installer and it says: You can open the application installer because he applications PowerPC isn't available

    Please i hope your help :(

    skype: kusuido

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